®Assessing the impact of the EMV deadline for gas stations

Sep 08, 2021

It’s been five months since liability for at-pump fraud for non-EMV compliant payments shifted to gas stations. But we have already seen several ways this is going to change the sector now and in the future.


Pay at Pump - EMV card


Before the introduction of the liability shift for non-EMV enabled card transactions at the pump, we wrote several articles examining what the impact might be for gas stations that didn’t meet the deadline. That date passed in April 2021, meaning that it has now been several months since the new protocols came into effect. While only a short period of time has passed, we’re already seeing some of the consequences, particularly for those gas stations that didn’t meet the deadline, begin to have a significant impact.

Here are six key takeaways we have observed since the EMV liability deadline passed: Continue reading “Assessing EMV Payments at Gas Pumps”

Point of Sale Syatem, POS


Choosing the Right Point of Sale Systems

Running a restaurant requires dedication, discipline and great financial commitment. You have to deal with customers, staff, and health officials, among others.  With so much going on, you require tools that can make you work more efficiently.  One such tool is a Point of Sale (POS) system which will help you handle multiple functionalities at once.

You’ll be able to offer first-rate services with the best POS system. Stick with us as we review the most important things to consider when choosing your system.

What Is a Point Of Sale (POS) System

A Point of Sale (POS) system allows you to accept payment from customers.  It will also help you manage other aspects of your business, including inventory, data analysis, and employee management, among others. Any time a customer walks into your business, they should be able to make payments without any problems.

What to Look For When Purchasing a  POint of sale System

The best POS systems should help you increase efficiency by allowing for multiple functionalities. You should consider the following.

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