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Keeping Up With Technology

As with all technology based industries, the processing industry also must grow and change with security and compliance requirements. Terminals, like any digital product or software based system has a lifespan. Over time hardware in terminals can become obsolete, or the core software becomes outdated and isn’t compatible with new security protocols or newer processing software.

Meanwhile, manufacturers create new lines of terminals with new options and features to adapt to an ever changing industry. At some point, the processors have to make a decision of when to let go of the older models and concentrate their security implementations and software on newer models. In the process, creating an “End of Life/End of Help Desk Support” for older terminals as newer terminals are certified by the processors.


Terminal Shortage


Currently there is an extreme lack of terminals in America. Inventories across all processing providers have been depleted, as well as their suppliers. Due to the supply chain interruptions, stocking terminals for inventory as well as some POS Systems such as Clover Station® is limited. Knowing what terminals are available and current is important for your business to continue processing smoothly. 


Terminals that are coming to end of life. (no support or Updates)

Once a terminal reaches End of Help Desk Support it will continue to function, but will not receive security and compliance updates. If the terminal no longer functions, a new unit will be required.


Terminals & PIN Pads No New Boarding End of Help Desk (Tech Support)  Replacement Unit
FD410/FD410 DW End of Life 12/31/2021 Clover Flex
FD130/FD130 Duo 12/31/2022 To Be Announced FD150
FD200 Ti/FD200Ti Wi-Fi 12/31/2022 To Be announced FD150
FD 35 PinPad 12/31/2022 To Be Announced FD RP10 PIN Pad
VX520 End of Life 11/01/2021 V200cPlus/V400cPlus
VX805 PIN Pad End of Life 11/01/2021 Verifone P200 PIN pad
Pax S80

Moved to End of Life Announced

PCI  expires 30-April-2023

To Be Announced Pax A80
Pax SP20, SP30, & S300 PIN Pad for Version previous to V4.
PCI  expires 30-April-2023 To Be Announced Depending on your type setup, either the A-35, or Q-25


Keeping you updated helps you stay ahead, and avoid downtime for accepting payments, which can be extremely costly. Due to the POS & terminal shortage, Veritrans is temporarily holding inventory for current and new clients.



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