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  • Answers to Your Fees and More

    If you’re looking for a credit card processor, may be one of the options that you’re considering. With their virtual terminal, all you need to process credit cards is a computer and an Internet connection. What’s great about this approach to processing is it gives you more flexibility than options that tie you to […]

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  • Flat Rates vs. Interchange Plus

    Too Many Fees! Flat rates of 2.50%-2.90% are all the rave these days. No hassles to set up, no fees to deal with, it’s a no brainer, right? Especially since merchant service providers have a list of fees longer than the menu at Starbucks. Nobody wants to pay all those fees, and since the Durbin […]

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Welcome To Veritrans

After you have provided service to your customers, you want the ability to process their payments quickly, accurately, securely, and in a manner that is convenient to both you and them.

Whether your business is a small corner store with one location, a gas station, retail store, restaurant, fitness center, hotel, or any other service business, Veritrans can provide merchant services customized to your business.

See Why We Are A Leading Provider Of Merchant Services

Known for the best mix of technology and customer service in the industry, we offer what you need to make sure your business goals are met.

  • Versatility. No matter what method of payment customers present, we can process it, whether in person, via mobile phone, online, or over the phone.
  • Speed. We offer lightning fast processing as data passes from us, to the credit card company, to the issuing bank, and then back to us, to assure that your transactions, process quickly, and reliably.
  • Security. To prevent fraud and misuse of customer data, we are PCI compliant, utilize effective firewalls and encryption technology to protect data, and offer you access to equipment that can process cards containing EMV® security chips. As well as tap & go and the new Apple Wallet.
  • Reasonable fees. We offer low per item and percentage fees, and Interchange Plus pricing. Veritrans has no hidden, or surprise fees.
  • 24/7 service access. No matter the hours your business operates, we have friendly, helpful tech support reps standing by 24/7 via phone or our online portals to manage your account.

Payment Solutions

Depending on your business needs, Veritrans has you covered with a wide range of payment processing services.

Get Paid Where You Are

To aid you in processing payments, we bring “the point-of-sale to the point of service” with top-of-the-line equipment that offers you security and flexibility:

Accept Card Payments for Free

You can now set up your Merchant Services account to offset some, or all of the cost of accepting card payments at your business.

With a Cash Discount Program, you simply add a percentage at the point of sale to cover some or all of your Merchant Services cost. This also allows you to offer a Cash Discount to your customers. Since existing fees are always increasing, and new card fees are constantly being added to your cost of accepting card payments, you can’t keep marking everything up in your business to cover the cost. Setting up for the Cash Discount allows you to do that in one convenient place, allowing you to give a discount to those paying with cash. You can also set up to bypass the program on any transaction at any time. Give us a call, or send an email. We’d love to go over it with you!


Veritrans Wants To Help Your Business Succeed

We specialize in offering payment solutions which are affordable even for small businesses. For an analysis of how our payment processing solutions can work for you and save you money, contact us at 1-866-474-4144 option 2 today.