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Klein Dental Center

Dear JR:

We were often approached to change our credit card processor, and each time we would be promised the lowest rate possible for our practice, lower than anyone else in the industry.

That was what we heard a few years ago to persuade us to change at that time. So we believed that we did have the best possible rate. But when you looked at our statement, you immediately noticed that we were being charged a monthly fee for an optional service that we were not receiving. You then estimated that you could reduce our processing costs by at least 20%, and perhaps by even 25%.

It was a most pleasant surprise when our savings actually averaged out to just over 34%. Adding the elimination of that unwarranted extra monthly fee, our total monthly savings passed 40%.

Finally, we were most pleased with the efficient way you handled the transition without any interruption of our card processing.

James W. Neal, DDS, FAGD

Rick K. Harrison D.M.D., P.A.

This letter is to express the apprecition I have for Veritrans. They have provided our office with excellent customer service for the past year. Every time I am in need of their service, it simply takes telephone call to Richard Hill or HD Attell (regional Vice-President) and they take care of the problem quickly and inefficently. I highly recommend Veritrans for your all credit card service needs.

Jeanette Sullivan
Rick K. Harrison D.M.D., PA.
Office Manager

United Optical Outlet, Inc.

To whom it may concern;

My company would like to express our appreciation for the attention given to us by one of your representatives, Mr. H.D. Attell. We began business with Mr. Attell in early 2003. In November 2003 we left Veritrans because we were short money month after month. After we went with a new processor, Mr. Attell stopped by our office and he was told about the money shortage. In our office he checked into the matter and found the problem. He immediately went to the phone and called the home office and brought in a credit card machine to refile all the credit cards that had not been paid. At that point we were with the new processor and no longer had a machine with your company number on it. He stayed with us until all outstanding receipts ($40,000.00) worth had been received and deposited. We were so impressed that a company would do this.

When we became unhappy with the new company, we called Mr. Attell ( since he was so helpful in our time of need) to be our processor again. He arrived promptly, set up all five of our stores and had us up and running right on time.

We have highly recommended Veritrans to our business friends and all the great attention we had when things were wrong and how Mr. Attell took care of it all very quickly and efficiently. You are very fortunate to have him on your staff I hope you will pass this on to Mr. Attell and let him know how wonderful it is to see a large company interested in correcting a wrong. We are happy to be back in your hands.

United Optical Outlet, Inc
Bobbie W. Firmin

Baker Boats, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

Let this letter stand as notice that the company known as “Veritrans,” (Verified Transaction Systems, LLC) has been processing our credit card needs since December 2004.

The President of Veritrans, Jeff Adcock, has been dedicated to our needs and solving all problems that arise. We have found the entire organization to be reliable as well as dedicated to ours needs. We will strongly suggest Veritrans to anyone that approaches us with questions regarding a credit card processor.

In addition to the credit card processor division they were also instrumental in getting us involved in a gift card program with Valutec Card Solutions.

If you require any additional information please fell free to contact me.

Daniel Rodgers
VP/Director of Operations

Eklektik Interiors

Dear HUD,

Thank you so much for ‘calling in the troops’ last week. We very much appreciate the manner in which you responded to our emergency. Vertrans certainly came through for us! As I have told you, our experience with merchant service companies has been a negative one. Aside of improved price, the reason we signed with Vertrans was the fact that you are established locally and would be available should situations arise, such as last week. You proved your ability and availability. For several hours, we were wondering if we had made the best decision to change services, but we now feel confident that Veritrans will come to our aid in any situation. Thank you for standing by your promise—a rare thing now days.

Thank you also for the gift certificates, what a thoughtful gesture. Again, we appreciate Veritrans customer service. We wish a wonderful holiday season.

Andi Cook
Account Manager
Eklektik Interiors