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Apr 18 2012

Your Guide to Researching Credit Card Processing Companies

Choosing a credit card processing company is an important decision. While the right company can help your business grow, the wrong one can create one headache after another. Since you don’t want to base this decision solely on what a company has on their own site, Jeff has some great advice about how to do […]

Aug 22 2011

The Most Common Reasons Some Credit Cards Get Denied

As a merchant, there will certainly be times when you’re trying to process a transaction but it gets denied. The customer may act confused or even angry, demanding to know why their credit card was declined. You should simply tell them that you don’t know the exact reason their card was denied and encourage them […]

Aug 18 2011

3 Great Reasons to Download Our Credit Card Processing Guidebook

There are a lot of different things that go into payment processing—from choosing the right service provider to finding the right terminal to keeping your merchant fees low. On top of it all, you need to constantly assess your payment processing service to make sure you’re getting excellent customer service and fair monthly rates. Fear […]

Jul 13 2011

What Do You Need For Credit Card Processing?

By now, you already understand the importance of accepting credit cards at your business. Doing so allows you to accommodate more customers, makes things more convenient for you and your customers, and helps you build credibility with your target audience. But before you can start accepting credit cards, there are a few key things you […]

May 24 2011

How to Keep Your Restaurant’s Payment Processing Fees in Check

Your restaurant can’t be as profitable as it should be if you’re being hit hard with payment processing fees for your credit card transactions. Unfortunately, many restaurateurs aren’t familiar with payment processing, so they don’t even realize that they’re paying more in fees than they need to be. Here are some simple tips to help […]

Apr 21 2010

How a Business Reports Credit Card Fraud

Individuals are not the only victims of credit card fraud. Businesses, from large corporations to small local shops, are the target for a number of different fraudulent schemes. If you are a merchant and find yourself a victim, you could lose capital, identification security, or, even worse, the business all together. Here are the most […]