Clover Point of SaleFrom Donuts to Delicacies


Whether you just want to accept card payments, to tracking inventory, employee management, OR popular sales items, your options are endless.

A Point of Sale System To Fit Your Needs

There are a lot of Restaurant point of sale systems for accepting card payments in a variety of ways these days, and growing constantly. From PC to Tablet, your chances of finding a Restaurant point of sale system that fits your needs, and your budget are much more likely. Whether it’s a restaurant, retail, e-commerce or mobile, most likely there is a system for your specific needs, and products.

Paying for Features You Don’t Need

Not all Restaurant point of sale systems measure up to what they claim, and that’s where Veritrans comes in. We help you find the POS system with the features, and functions you’re looking for, while helping you keep your cost down. With the constant increase in fraudulent payments, you also want a POS system that protects your business, and your profits.

No Favorites Here

The options for Restaurant point of sale systems out there now are numerous, and unlike most Merchant Service Providers, we don’t push 1 or 2 POS systems we favor on you. After a brief consultation, we research your requirements and find a point of sale system that fits your business. We do our due diligence in how well the POS functions, as well as ease of use, prior to making a recommendation. If you’re currently considering a certain brand POS system, let us know. We’ll find the details for you, and find the answers to any particular questions you have. If you have certain features you’re looking for, let us know. We’ll find the right POS that fits your style.

Our Most Popular Point of Sale

An innovative, all-in-one payment and business solution for small and mid-sized businesses that pairs beautifully designed countertop hardware with a powerful and adaptable cloud-based software.

Clover Home Screen Apps. There are many more apps available, to do anything you might want to do on your Clover Station

The Clover Station Point of Sale System

Clover arrives ready-to-go with your menu pre-loaded• Simple to activate in minutes with our touchscreen wizard• Connect quickly via Ethernet or WiFi• User-friendly, intuitive software and support for quick employee training.

Benefits for Business

The Clover Station is an innovative cloud-based solution that delivers freedom and control to simplify your business operations, connect with customers, and grow with your successes. Every feature, from the patent-pending swivel arm that engages customers at the counter, to the brushed aluminum and white glass accents, to the multiple USB port accessibility in the printer base – was designed with small businesses in mind.

Easy set up lets you start taking payments in minutes

Manage your business from anywhere, anytime

Access new features and capabilities as you need them

Process payments online and off-line

Beautifully designed with your needs in mind

Key Components

Clover arrives with pre-loaded software, including your custom menu. Simply plug in, connect to the Internet and you’re ready to go.

Clover is a cloud-based POS solution which allows you to easily view reports, monitor employee activity, make inventory changes and more — in real time, from any device.

The Clover™ App Marketplace allows for continuous and unlimited customization and inspiration – download loyalty programs, accounting software, table management functionality, and more to your Clover Station.

The Clover POS Includes a touchscreen tablet with built-in card reader, fast printing receipt printer, cash drawer, and custom apps so you can:

  • Take payments
  • View inventory
  • Track revenues
  • Manage employees’ time
  • View reports
  • Restaurant-specific apps to run your business


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