Mobile & Cell Phone Credit Card Processing

Accept payments everywhere you go.

Accepting credit cards while on the go, has never been easier. Veritrans offers a full selection of mobile phone, tablet, and laptop solutions or you might prefer a wireless terminal for your credit card processing. Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop, Tablet or many other types of devices, we can match you with an easy-to-use mobile credit card processing solution that lets you turn your device into a terminal on the go.

Ideal for mobile merchants, our cell phone credit card processing options offers all of the features of a regular credit card terminal and more, such as the ability to process all major credit cards, and with the latest security features

Now, you can accept payments everywhere you go. Whether you’re at a trade show, in a food truck, or even in your regular storefront, mobile credit card processing gives you the power to accept credit cards on a device that’s in the palm of your hand!

There’s Also Back Office Features

Virtual or Online Terminals come with additional features included,  online reporting for tracking sales, inventory, spreadsheet downloads for accounting, card on file for customer convenience, recurring billing, email invoicing, and much more.

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Wireless Terminals

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