Feb 23 2012

Wireless Credit Card Processing – Your Guide to Why and How


If you are looking for new opportunities for your business, wireless credit card processing is one option that may be able to help fuel growth. Learn why this option is more appealing than ever, as well as the ins and outs of how it can be implemented:

Doesn’t Wireless Credit Card Processing Cost a Ton of Money?

In the past, if you wanted to process credit cards in mobile areas where you didn’t have access to a phone line, your only option was a wireless credit card processing terminal. While these devices were able to get the job done by accessing a cellular network and even included a built-in receipt printer, the big issue with them was the fact that they were quite expensive.

As a result of their hefty upfront cost, it could take quite some time before a business owner was able to even get close to recouping their cost. To make matters worse, not only would you have to pay at least $800 for this device, but you would also have to deal with the ongoing cost of dedicated cellular service. The combination of these two costs meant that many businesses decided they were better off simply not pursuing this payment option. (read more…)

Sep 26 2011

How to Get More Website Conversions

If your website isn’t making sales or generating leads, it’s wasting space. Your website should be your best salesperson. It should be working hard for your company 24/7/365. People who come on your website should be enticed into taking a specific action, such as placing an order, signing up for a newsletter, or scheduling a consultation. If your visitors leave without taking any action, your website has failed to do its job. It has failed to get the conversion.

So, what can you do to increase your website’s conversion rate? (read more…)

Sep 19 2011

How to Build Better Product Pages on Your Website

If you want to run a successful ecommerce website, it’s not enough to have great products or even low prices. The design of your website matters far more than you might realize. So, if your product pages aren’t designed properly, you’re not going to get as many sales as you’d like.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to build better product pages. Here’s all you need to do.  (read more…)

Sep 13 2011

3 More Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

Still haven’t opened a merchant account so your business can start accepting credit card payments from customers? What are you waiting for? You already know that accepting credit cards allows you to give your customers more payment options, and it can prevent you from missing out on sales.

But, it sounds like you still need some convincing. (read more…)

Sep 9 2011

Could Your Business Benefit from Mobile Credit Card Processing?

When you hear people talking about mobile credit card processing or wireless payment processing, you probably think that technology is only useful for merchants who are on the go (e.g. food trucks, vendors at trade shows, etc.). But the truth is that even traditional businesses can benefit from having wireless credit card processing equipment.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you operate a restaurant that offers delivery services. Rather than making your customers give their credit card information over the phone or requiring them to pay cash for delivery orders, you could use a mobile credit card processing terminal to allow them to pay the delivery driver with their credit card. You could even set it up to allow customers to add a tip to their credit card for the delivery order. (read more…)

Aug 29 2011

Telling a Customer Their Credit Card is Declined

As a merchant, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have a customer whose credit card transaction gets declined. And while it’s not your fault that their card gets denied, it’s important that you and your cashiers handle the delicate task of telling the customer his card is declined properly.

What should you do to make this situation as painless as possible for everyone involved?

  • Keep it quiet—Having a credit card denied can be embarrassing for the customer. It’s your job to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t shout the news from the rooftops. The whole line doesn’t need to know that the customer’s credit card got declined. Say it quietly enough so that just you and the customer hear it, preventing further embarrassment.
  • Don’t go into detail—When you inform a customer that his or her card has been declined, they will probably ask why. They may get defiant and want you to know they have enough funds to pay for the transaction. You don’t need to go into detail. In fact, you won’t even know why the card was declined, so let the customer know that. Tell them they should call their bank or credit card company to sort everything out.
  • Ask the customer which other method of payment they’d like to use—Ask the customer “What other form of payment would you like to use?” This shows them that you still have confidence in them, and it can be helpful in saving the transaction for your business. If they don’t have another way to pay, don’t make a big deal out of it. Ask them if they’d like for you to hold their purchase. If not, just put it away quietly.

How do you handle it when a customer’s card is declined?

Aug 22 2011

The Most Common Reasons Some Credit Cards Get Denied

As a merchant, there will certainly be times when you’re trying to process a transaction but it gets denied. The customer may act confused or even angry, demanding to know why their credit card was declined. You should simply tell them that you don’t know the exact reason their card was denied and encourage them to contact their credit card company.

However, you might be curious to know why it is that some credit cards get denied. Here are a few of the most common reasons for declined transactions.

  • Insufficient funds—This is probably the most obvious and common reason a credit card or debit card gets declined. If the person just doesn’t have enough available funds to cover the transaction, it will be declined. It’s as simple as that.
  • Exceeded the daily spending limit—Some credit cards and debit cards have daily transaction limits, and if the cardholder exceeds those limits, all transactions for the rest of the day will be declined. These spending limits are typically there in case the card gets lost or stolen so that it prevents the thief from draining all funds immediately, but many cardholders are unaware of these daily limits.
  • Expired card—Those expiration dates on cards actually do mean something. Trying to make a purchase after the card is expired will lead to a declined transaction.
  • Unusual activity—Credit card companies and banks are always trying to prevent thieves from using other people’s cards. One thing these companies do is look for unusual activity, such as transactions that occur in a different geographic area than the cardholder’s location or whenever several purchases are made very quickly, one after another.

What are some other reasons credit cards get denied? What do you tell your customers when their cards get declined?

Aug 18 2011

3 Great Reasons to Download Our Credit Card Processing Guidebook

There are a lot of different things that go into payment processing—from choosing the right service provider to finding the right terminal to keeping your merchant fees low. On top of it all, you need to constantly assess your payment processing service to make sure you’re getting excellent customer service and fair monthly rates.

Fear not—Veritrans can help. Our latest guidebook “Everything Your Small Business Needs To Know About Accepting Credit Cards” will guide you through the credit card processing world and help you get the most from your payment processing services.

Need a good reason to download the eBook? How about 3 of them?

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Jul 20 2011

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Opening a Merchant Account

Choosing a merchant account for your business is a major decision that you can’t take lightly. You’ll have to live with the consequences of your choice, and if you choose the wrong credit card processing company, your business could suffer tremendously as a result.

Taking the time to educate yourself about the different options available when opening a merchant account is key to ensuring you make a well informed decision.

Here are 4 big mistakes to avoid when opening your merchant account. (read more…)

Jul 18 2011

Use Credit Card Processing to Take Your Business Worldwide

If you run a business, you’re always looking for ways to grow your company. Growth means more customers and more money. Who wouldn’t want that?

When it comes to business growth, a lot of companies focus on expanding their reach locally, but what if you set your sights higher and tried to achieve worldwide growth?

Before you scoff at the idea, consider this: With a merchant account from Veritrans, you can start accepting credit card payments from customers all across the world. It’s true. You can tap into the huge global marketplace and compete with companies in your industry all across the world. That’s the power of credit card processing! (read more…)