Credit Card Processing Services

Accept more cards.  Do more business. Know your transactions are secure.

Whether you operate an Italian bistro, gift shop, or sell business supplies online, you’ve probably noticed that credit and debit cards are fast becoming the most common form of payment.  In fact, credit card transactions account for more than $5 Trillion each year, and growing!   Not accepting them could mean missed opportunities for your business.

Enhance your bottom line today by accepting credit and debit cards with Veritrans.  We have the payment processing services that your business needs, plus superior quality service, no contracts, and no hidden fees.  Guaranteed.

A Full Range of Credit Card Processing Solutions

Internet Credit Card Processing

Combine the ease of use of your countertop terminal with the speed and security of processing transactions online over the internet. Take your business to the next level of credit card processing with internet credit card processing.  Offer recurring capabilities, emailed invoicing, apply payments quickly to Quickbooks, and even utilize inventory controls, all within one simple system.

Mobile & Cell Phone Credit Card Processing

Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Android device into a mobile credit card processing terminal that lets you securely process transactions wherever you go with the new EMV® chip card reader and MagStripe audio jack swiper.  Mobile payment processing allows you to email receipts to your customer, as well as access transaction data records of all transactions from the first one you process forward.

Phone Credit Card Processing

Despite the popularity of web-based transactions, some customers still prefer the personal touch of paying over the phone by credit card. Phone credit card processing is ideal for mail order companies and a range of other merchants, and Veritrans offers top-rated phone credit card processing service.

Wireless Credit Card Processing

Our wireless credit card terminals are lightweight and portable, making it easy for you to carry them with you and process transactions wherever you go, including trade shows, special events, and other venues.

Accept All Types of Cards

With a Veritrans Merchant Account you can accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express (Opt Blue or Traditional)
  • Discover
  • JCB (Japan’s Credit Card)
  • Pin–based debit cards
  • EBT (Food Stamps) cards.

In fact, as an acquirer of the Discover Network, we’re able to set our own low rates.  We can eliminate Discover statement fees and fund your Discover transactions at the same time as your Visa & MasterCard transactions, speeding up your funding, simplifying your monthly reconciliation, and saving you time and money.

American Express Opt Blue program enables U.S. based businesses to accept American Express cards inclusive of their Veritrans merchant account, offering the same benefits of next day funding, as well as lower American Express transaction processing fees (based on industry classification).

We’ll also set you up with the correct equipment for your business, so you can accept credit cards with confidence and ease, eliminating fees and improving cash flow.

Open your Veritrans Merchant Account today!

Our Quick Start Program guarantees same–day application processing.  Most setups take less than 24 hours for approval.

Already have an account somewhere else?  Call Veritrans for a free and confidential analysis of your current contract and fees.  We’ll help you understand your contract better and walk you through some cost–effective card processing services solutions.  You will finally understand what the fees that you see every month mean, and will have a clear and concise picture of what it will cost your business to accept credit card payments.

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