Protect Your Credit Card Processing Services
with Fraud Prevention

Techniques in credit card fraud are becoming more prevalent and more sophisticated every second. The very same technology that allows merchants to accept credit card payments is now helping criminals to rip them off. Every year, credit card, check, mail, and internet fraud costs Americans billions of dollars.

As a business owner, you’re the first to feel the financial effects, and the cost is usually very severe: loss of conversion payments, chargeback penalties, goods, and services. If you’re accepting credit card payments and would like to reduce your exposure to credit card fraud, implementing preventative measures can reduce your chances of becoming a victim up to 80%.

The internet has developed into the perfect environment for criminals to excel in their work, while staying completely anonymous. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in fraudulent charges made with stolen credit card information. In many situations, the cyber criminal has collected more detailed information about the actual credit card holder than even the credit card company has on file. In some situations, fake credit card numbers are approved solely on the algorithm used to produce authentic numbers.

There are now accessible software programs that generate mathematically-valid, fake credit card numbers for cyber criminals who make fraud their career. this is serious business for any company who accepts credit card processing payments.

How You Can Protect Your Business and Your Customers

What can you do, as a merchant, to protect your business and your customers from fraud, while accepting credit card payments? There are several steps you can take to prevent your business from being taken advantage of by credit card fraud in the first place.

The EMV® chip card terminals offer the most effective way to protect yourself from fraud in a swipe environment. If your terminal is EMV® capable, at the very least you push the liability for fraudulent transactions to the issuing bank of that card. Protecting yourself from losses due to fraud.

When you hold a customer’s credit card in your hand, check the security features and swipe the stripe. It’s safer than keying the numbers by hand. Match the number on the card to the last four digits on your display. Then check the authorization response. If it’s approved, ask the customer to sign the sales receipt and make sure the signature matches the one on the card. If you cannot swipe the card and must enter the number manually, check the account number and verify the expiration date. Use fraud tools, like the Address Verification System (AVS) – a nationwide system used to verify the identity of a person claiming to own the card. It also never hurts to ask for another form of I.D. on large transactions.

You should also look for signs that a criminal may display. Watch for customers who purchase a lot of merchandise with no regard to size, color, style, or price. Also, be on the lookout for customers who make big purchases without asking any questions right after you open, or before you close. Finally, if a customer tries to rush you through the checkout process in these circumstances, they may be hiding their true intentions.

For E-Commerce transactions, Both VISA, and MasterCard offer programs that integrate into your website to secure yourself from fraudulent transactions online. Verified by VISA, and MasterCard SercureCode offer added protection that requires the card holder to enter additional information, such as a unique identifier to approve the transaction. All with minimal cost, impact, and time investment.

Get Fraud Protection from Veritrans

The greatest way to protect your business’ credit card processing services from fraud is with a company who proactively prevents it. Veritrans has the credit card processing fraud prevention your business needs with superior quality service and no hidden fees. Guaranteed.

We offer chip card secure retail, wireless, online, and mobile processing for all types of major brand cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB (Japan’s Credit Card), Pin-based debit cards and EBT (food stamps) cards. Even if you already have an account somewhere else, call Veritrans for a free and confidential analysis of your current contract and fees. We will help protect you from fraud, and help you understand our cost-effective card processing service solutions.

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