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Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminals

Wireless credit card processing terminals help you accept payments anywhere you go, and the ability to print a receipt on the spot. Wireless terminals are compact and portable, so you can carry them with you wherever you need to process credit card payments. Mobile Readers for phones and tablets are becoming the method of choice for small businesses that want the ability to be mobile, and or businesses that don’t want to be tied to a counter & cash register, while keeping the cost to a minimal. To be able to run a transaction anywhere in your store will help increase sales, as well as an added customer convenience. Veritrans can match you with the best setup for your business, and keep you up to date on technology that improves sales, and the bottom line.

Wi-Fi or Wireless

Most all newer Countertop terminals now have a Wi-Fi option included. Anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can run transactions. The main difference in a Wi-Fi ready terminal and a Wireless terminal is Countertop terminals with Wi-Fi usually must remain plugged in to a wall outlet. Whereas Wireless terminals operate from battery, anywhere, and can also connect to Wi-Fi if your cellular connection goes down.

Our Most Popular Products:

Wireless Terminals

*The 2 above are the most popular wireless terminals we sell. Have one you’re curious about, but not here. Please let us know, as we most likely have that as an option.

Mobile Phone Card Reader

Smart Phone & Tablet Swipe Readers

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