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eProcessing Network

ePNEnabledTake your business to the next generation of credit card processing with an online terminal. Eliminating the need for a stand-alone terminal, the virtual terminal saves valuable counterspace and provides merchants the ability to process credit cards using your desktop computer or laptop.

  • Utilize your laptop as a secure mobile credit card machine with a personal login and Internet connection
  • Obtain swiped transaction rates by utilizing the USB MagStripe reader with your computer to swipe customer’s card
  • Minimize office expense by avoiding additional phone line for credit card machine
  • Secure 128-bit encrypted Real Time Transaction Processing
  • eProcessing Network successfully completed its annual compliance audit recently for the 7th year in a row and has been re-certified according to the PCI DSS 1.2 Standard
  • Instant approval code or card decline response at time of sale
  • Simply create detailed customizable reports by date, client, card number, and others
  • Email receipts to customers with option of printing coupons or ads on your receipts
  • Automate multiple payments to provide your business the ability to offer payments plans, subscriptions, or memberships
  • Process with your own third party shopping cart or eProcessing’s integrated cart
  • Use your mobile device as your terminal with any Java® ME (J2ME) compatible cell phones and/or PDAs with Web-capability
  • iPhone compatible using “Process Away” via iPhone® apps
  • Product Page Generator creates HTML pages for your Web site using easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for quick set-up.
  • Utilize recurring payments feature to collect payment on overdue balances in a single automated step
  • JPOS allows employees to accept credit card payments without Internet access and keeps processing accessible on your desktop
  • Process through Quickbooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise; one-step transaction download adds transactions from external sources to your Quickbooks (see section on Quickbooks Plug-in below)
  • Apply payments to open invoices or sales receipts in Quickbooks
  • Integrate other features of eProcessing’s online terminal, such as Mobile, recurring payments, and POS system with your Quickbooks
  • No need for separate POS terminal; eProcessing’s simple, intuitive User Interface offers POS capability with any Internet connection

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