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Benefits of EMV®, Accepting Cards With Chips

By now, you’ve heard the term EMV®, and most likely have seen the chip cards that coincide with the EMV® transactions. The idea behind EMV® Chip Cards is to minimize fraud, and protect the merchant’s business from losses due to fraudulent use of cards.

Veritrans has several terminals or POS Systems to choose from, and transitioning to an EMV® chip protected transaction process is smooth and easy. Giving you the assurance in case of charge backs the liability is shifted to the issuing bank of each card, and protecting your hard earned income.

Advatages to EMV® Chip Card Processing?

  • Chip Cards cannot be duplicated like the magnetic strips in older cards
  • Each transaction has a unique identifier that cannot be used again
  • Some card issuers give the option for the card holder to simply “tap” the card on the terminal for convenience.
  • As more and more banks issue PIN numbers for chip cards, it eliminates the need for signed receipts
  • There is no additional cost for running EMV® protected transactions
  • Reduces losses due to fraud.

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