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POS Terminal

Your point-of-sale( POS) terminal is the key to your business. A POS terminal has become an essential part of doing business for everyone from restaurateurs and retailers to mobile service providers. Any point-of-sale system will help you accept payments and increase your payment options. However, the right POS system can transform your customer service and lend professionalism to your business.

At Veritrans, we can set you up with the latest in POS terminal systems. We work with the most reliable names in the business, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and First Data. Whether you’re looking for touch-screen functionality or real-time restocking data, there’s a POS terminal that’s an ideal fit for your needs. At Veritrans, our goal is to match you up with the terminal that’s perfect for you; we’ll never try to talk you into more features than you need.

Where Can a POS Terminal Take Your Business?

With a POS terminal, you’ll be able to access your inventory data, check sales activity in real-time, and analyze sales trends. Customer tracking and customized up-sell prompts ensure that point-of-sale systems pay for themselves in short order. For these features, stand-alone terminals and wireless systems are both popular among our clientele.

We can also help you get set up with the latest in POS systems: virtual terminals. With a virtual terminal, you can accept payments directly through your PC. Virtual terminals make the world your office! To learn more about the POS terminal options available through Veritrans, please contact our team at 1-866-474-4144 or send an email to [email protected] Put our experience to the test and let us help you find the right terminal for your business.

POS All in One

Your point-of-sale (POS) system plays a huge role in how flexible your storefront can be. From mobile price scanning and credit card processing to check guarantee and address verification, a POS all in one can be the easiest way to untie your business from a static cash register system.

At Veritrans, we can help you choose from among the latest POS all in one systems. From advanced features to robust, road-tested durability, we can help you choose the best system for your needs. If inventory tracking is a priority, you’ll want advanced diagnostics and reporting features. On the other hand, if fast, friendly service is an area you’re trying to improve upon, we can help you sort through the models with the most user-friendly interfaces with low employee learning curves.

Choosing a POS All in One System

With years in the industry and a stellar reputation to go along, you can trust Veritrans to keep your interests in mind when choosing a POS all-in-one system. In fact, we can even work with your existing equipment to minimize your costs. For an all-in-one credit card processing solution, Veritrans is the top choice from small independent business owners all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

We can help new businesses get off the ground, or we can help your established business to run smoothly and maintain your reputation for speed and security. For a free, informational consultation, get in touch with Veritrans today at [email protected] or 1-866-474-4144. Your POS all in one is our number one priority!

Point of Sale Terminals

There’s simply no understating the importance of your point of sale(POS) terminals. Terminals that don’t work with the latest technologies don’t just cost you money; they cost you customers. With the latest in point of sale terminals, you can drive store traffic with detailed sales initiatives, provide customized upsell prompts, and keep up with sales trends for accurate inventory ordering.

You may be interested in touch-screen terminals, or you may just want to switch over to Wi-Fi. At Veritrans, we can help you achieve any POS goal you’re interested in with our HP, First Data, and Microsoft models. From pocket-sized processors to RFID solutions, you can take control of not just the point-of-sale, but the entire inventory from anywhere in the store.

Get the Latest in Point of Sale Terminals

Before you invest in new point of sale terminals, be sure that an upgrade is the right move. At Veritrans, we’ll check out your current equipment to figure out what’s usable before you purchase any new hardware. If it turns out that you do need new POS hardware, our experts can help you navigate the field to find the best deals for your situation. It’s our firm commitment to never oversell clients on unnecessary equipment. Our interest lies in working in your best interests.

To take a tour of the latest point of sale terminals and technology, call Veritrans today. We can schedule a no-obligation, no-fee consultation with you. We can even provide a confidential analysis of your current provider’s terms if you so choose. Call the Veritrans team today at 1-866-474-4144 or email a representative at [email protected]!