Fraud Protection

Apr 21 2010

How a Business Reports Credit Card Fraud

Individuals are not the only victims of credit card fraud. Businesses, from large corporations to small local shops, are the target for a number of different fraudulent schemes. If you are a merchant and find yourself a victim, you could lose capital, identification security, or, even worse, the business all together. Here are the most […]

Apr 21 2010

Business Fraud Recovery Plan: How to Help After You Report

After you have reported a fraudulent case to a detective at your local police department, it can be difficult to go back to business as usual. Most businesses who make the effort to gather a case and report it to the authorities are significantly invested in the case, and want to continue their involvement. The […]

Mar 17 2010

Additional Tips to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Criminals are constantly pursuing innovative methods to defraud you and your business, and they are leveraging technology to their advantage in doing so. As a potential victim, you should do everything that you can to reduce the chances of being targeted. In our last article, I outlined ten tips to protect yourself, your business, and […]

Mar 17 2010

Ten Tips to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Fraud is a serious crime and protecting yourself and your customers should never be an afterthought in your business practices. If you conduct business using payments other than cash, you are putting yourself, your business, and your customers at risk of fraud. Criminals first target consumers’ credit card information, social security numbers, and other sensitive […]

Mar 2 2010

Protect Your Credit Card Processing Services with Fraud Prevention

Techniques in credit card fraud are becoming more prevalent and more sophisticated every second. The very same technology that allows merchants to accept credit card payments are now helping criminals to rip them off. Every year, credit card, check, mail, and Internet fraud costs Americans billions of dollars. As a business owner, you are the […]