Mar 8 2011

Does Your Website Build Trust with Customers?

If you want to make sales online, you have to earn the trust of your website visitors. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever before, and with the high number of online scams going around, they’re on full alert when doing online shopping. Simply put, they don’t trust you, and it’s your job to change that. […]

Feb 11 2009

Web Based Transaction Processing

Web based transaction processing allows you to earn money even while you sleep by handling your business online. Customers can make online orders and have the transaction processed, approved, and paid out without you having to do a thing. Veritrans offers premier service for you and speedy processing for your customers. We help you accept […]

Feb 11 2009

Virtual Terminal

Where can a virtual terminal take your business? Try anywhere with an Internet connection! With just a PC and web access, you can take orders, accept all major credit cards, and even schedule installment billing. If you’re ready to take your business on the road, Veritrans can set you up with everything you need to […]

Feb 11 2009

Shopping Carts

Don’t underestimate the importance of the online shopping cart. Though many treat it as an afterthought, smart marketers realize that the shopping cart is where the action is. The software you utilize can mean the difference between increased per-checkout totals and consumers clicking away in frustration. The byword of your online shopping card should be […]

Feb 11 2009

Payment Processing Services

Every customer counts, so why not offer payment processing options that fit all of your customers’ needs? With Veritrans, you really can have it all. Our payment processing services let you accept all major credit cards, gift cards, checks, and even phone orders. Our credit card processing is unparalleled in the industry. From no-contract services […]

Feb 11 2009

Payment Processing Direct

You need payment processing direct services for your business; that’s a given. But do you have to lock into a multi-year contract to get those services? Most payment processing direct companies will say yes. At Veritrans, we say absolutely not! The vast majority of payment processing direct services require you to sign a contract before […]

Feb 11 2009

Payment Processing Companies

Dozens of companies can help you accept popular credit cards like MasterCard and VISA, but are all payment processing companies the same? Absolutely not and if you ask us, we’d say that the difference lies in customer service. Any company can sell you a point-of-sale(POS) terminal, but only one company goes the extra mile to […]

Feb 11 2009

Payment Processing

Payment processing can be one of two things: an additional hassle to deal with or a helpful partnership. At Veritrans, we strive to be the latter for every client we work with. From Fortune 500 companies to independent shops and online retailers, we work hard to make your business run more smoothly. How do we […]

Feb 11 2009

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway can help you process credit card orders and payments online, freeing you to do business anytime, anywhere. You don’t need any fancy point-of-sale(POS) equipment to take credit cards, just the right payment gateway partner. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, consider working with Veritrans. Veritrans can help […]

Feb 11 2009

Online Transaction Processing

From e-books to electronics, online transaction processing is part of doing business on the Web. Online transaction processing is simply the method of turning a credit card swipe or key-in into a payment of funds in your account. When you’re ready to accept online payments, you eliminate the liability and inconvenience of checks and cash […]