Credit Cards

Aug 29 2011

Telling a Customer Their Credit Card is Declined

As a merchant, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have a customer whose credit card transaction gets declined. And while it’s not your fault that their card gets denied, it’s important that you and your cashiers handle the delicate task of telling the customer his card is declined properly. What should you do to […]

Jul 13 2011

What Do You Need For Credit Card Processing?

By now, you already understand the importance of accepting credit cards at your business. Doing so allows you to accommodate more customers, makes things more convenient for you and your customers, and helps you build credibility with your target audience. But before you can start accepting credit cards, there are a few key things you […]

May 18 2011

Is Your Restaurant Getting Slapped with High Credit Card Processing Fees?

If you want to run a successful restaurant, you have to accept credit card and debit card payments from your customers. There are some restaurant owners who claim that up to 90% of their customers pay with credit cards and debit cards. So if you’re not accepting plastic as a form of payment, you’re missing […]

Feb 11 2009

Web Credit Card Processing

Web credit card processing is ideal for online merchants, but what about seasonal merchants? Can they take advantage of online credit card business? With Veritrans, web credit card processing is easy and affordable for all types of businesses. Seasonal businesses have additional challenges to handle that other merchants don’t dream of. Beyond planning farther in […]

Feb 11 2009

Web Based Credit Card Processing

What could you do with the power of web based credit card processing? The answer truly is, whatever you want, whenever you want. With web based processing, you’re freed from the traditional confines of retail sales. Whether you’re looking to do business on the beach or at all hours around the world, it’s entirely in […]

Feb 11 2009

U.S. Merchant Services

U.S.-based companies face fees, taxes, and more surcharges than most customers realize. Make the most of your profits by signing on with Veritrans for U.S. merchant services. Our job is to help you do your job as profitably and conveniently possible, so you can count on our dedication to your goals. To start off, you’ll […]

Feb 11 2009

Third Party Credit Card Processing

Third party credit card processing is an incredible way to improve your efficiency while cutting your risk. Veritrans handles credit card transactions all the way from the initial authorization and point of sale(POS) processing to post-sale collections, if necessary. It’s a full-service approach to payment that gives you freedom to focus on sales. As a […]

Feb 11 2009

Take Credit Cards

Want a great reason to take credit cards? Try this statistic: consumers spend 15 percent MORE when paying with plastic compared to cash. While the reasons are uncertain and hotly debated, the fact remains: retailers benefit from allowing consumers the convenience of using credit cards. Looking for more reasons to take credit cards? Consider consumer […]

Feb 11 2009

Small Business Credit Card Processing

As a small business, you need room to grow and reliable, trustworthy partners. What you don’t need is just any old credit card processing company. At Veritrans, we’ve helped many small businesses to grow and develop, and we’ve got the experience to offer the services you need. Small business budgets can be limited, and most […]

Feb 11 2009

Secure Credit Card Processing

Without customers, even the best product or service is pointless. So treat your customers like the valuable resource they are and guard their information by using secure credit card processing. While any merchant services provider can offer credit card processing, you want the experience and reputation of Veritrans Merchant Services. When a customer swipes their […]