Mar 16 2012

Learn How Check 21 Can Save You Time and Money

Do these problems sound all too familiar? Seeing checks piled up on your desk Trying to sort, organize and total them Taking them to the bank and waiting in line to make a deposit If so, learn how Check 21 can make things much easier for you: httpv:// Here’s a quick summary of what Jeff […]

Mar 11 2009

NSF Checks and Hot Checks

An NSF Check is a check that was returned to the merchant because there was Non- Sufficient Funds, or not enough money in the check writer’s account to cover the check at the time that it cleared the merchants Bank. A Hot Check is a check that was returned for non-sufficient funds, or for one […]

Feb 11 2009

Telecheck Solutions

The buzz in payment solutions is that paper is dead. As a merchant, you know the truth: many of your customers still prefer to pay with checks. If you’re not able to accept checks, you’ll lose their business. The solution? TeleCheck ECA Warranty service, provided through Veritrans. With TeleCheck solutions, you can continue accepting checks, […]

Feb 11 2009

Online Check Payment

Have you been concerned about accepting checks online? Many web-based vendors eschew checks as a form of payment, preferring to deal with customers who pay by credit. Not only does this cut into their profits, it’s not the best customer service policy, either. Be a versatile vendor and boost your profits by accepting online check […]

Feb 11 2009

NSF Checks

NSF checks, or checks with non-sufficient funds, cost you money. First, there’s the processing fee, tack on the merchandise and hours lost, add in collections, and you’ve got a mess on your hands- an expensive mess. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to accepting checks on good faith alone. With TeleCheck merchant services provided through Veritrans, you […]

Feb 11 2009

Hot Checks

So you have your business started- the shelves are stocked, sales are promising and your merchant account is all set-up for sales. Good to go, right? Your business can accept Visa, MasterCard, other credit cards, even debit cards, but bank checks are a different matter. Checks put you at risk for return for a non-payment […]