Mobile Payment Processing

May 16 2012

Mobile Credit Card Processing is More Affordable than Ever

Here’s a recap of what Jeff had to say about processing transactions without being tied down to a wired terminal:

Mar 27 2012

3 Things You Need to Know About Accepting Mobile Payments

In the past, credit card payments could only be accepted with the help of a bulky machine. As a result, merchants were tied down to the location where they had their machine installed. Fortunately, as technology has progressed, it has made it easier to accept credit card payments .

Sep 9 2011

Could Your Business Benefit from Mobile Credit Card Processing?

When you hear people talking about mobile credit card processing or wireless payment processing, you probably think that technology is only useful for merchants who are on the go (e.g. food trucks, vendors at trade shows, etc.). But the truth is that even traditional businesses can benefit from having wireless credit card processing equipment. Here’s […]

Feb 15 2011

What is the BT90?

Recently, we talked a little about the iDynamo. If you remember, the iDynamo is a credit card reader that connects to the iPhone and other portable Apple devices, giving merchants a convenient way to process credit card payments. After we posted this, we’ve had some people saying “That’s nice, but what about a credit card […]