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Manage All Deliveries In one tablet

Aggregate your orders across all delivery services tablets into one feed and printer, eliminating multiple tablets.

Auto-Accept and print your orders, Increase revenue and order fulfillment with Auto-Accept and Print. Instantly accept every order you receive with no human interaction required – resulting in fewer errors, higher fulfillment, and increased revenue!.


Tablet Point of Sale

1. Consolidate your delivery partners and orders into a single tablet

Our solutions help you manage multiple delivery channels and your DTC delivery business without missing a single order. Manage multiple delivery tablets from one tablet.
2. Access unified data and insights in one place

We provide you with actionable insights so you can optimize online delivery channels.
3. Grow your business through expansion opportunities

We help you grow your business by facilitating expansion to new delivery providers and virtual brands



From food trucks to global chains

Whether you manage 1 or 500 locations it’s completely scalable for your size business.

Local restaurants

Manage menus, sales, and reporting for takeout       operations with an easy to use dashboard.

Chain restaurants

Increase efficiency and manage takeout operations for hundreds of locations with insightful data.

New businesses

Increase your sales and reach new customers by adding takeout and delivery to your business model.

Convenience, grocery, retail, and more

Make your inventory available on delivery apps to reach your customers wherever they are.


Whether it’s POS Integration, or combining all your Deliveries in one tablet for Simplicity and Increased profits, You can grow your online orders like never before!


“We HELP empower all restaurants to thrive in connecting food and customers by superpowering your delivery business.


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