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Electronic Credit Card Processing

In the 1960’s , credit cards were the wave of the future and finding businesses who accepted them was difficult and very few people carried them. Now over 75% of the population has at least one of them in their wallet and virtually every business accepts several different types of credit cards in addition to debit (check) cards, Fleet cards, and a plethora of other types of electronic means of payment.

And for as many ways as there are to pay electronically, there as many technologies available to accommodate the processing needs. Terminals, virtual terminals, point of sale(POS) systems are just a few of the solutions Veritrans offers to facilitate our merchant customers payment needs. We are industry leading in the latest technological applications to keep your business up-to-date with payment solutions.

Business is Good with Electronic Credit Card Processing

Veritrans credit card processing services are free of hidden fees, provide reasonable rates and offer a no-contract agreement, so you never feel stuck and unable to change services. Our month-to-month service allows you to end the agreement at any time without paying outrageous early cancellation fees. We offer a Quick Start program to set-up and a customizable service package to meet your business’s specific needs whether you are a single stall flea market merchant or a Fortune 500 company with multiple facilities.

We offer dozens of solutions for your company’s financial processing needs from point of sale systems to Wi-Fi terminals to out-of-pocket mobile solutions. We can cover any and all credit card processing situations you may encounter. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.comand let our account executives assess your company’s needs and desires. We will find the ideal solution for your credit processing requirements.

E-Check Processing

Customers who desire to pay with a check can present problems for businesses. Where is the bank located? Is the account new and how long will it take to process and clear the funds? These are all valid issues a business must deal with when choosing to accept checks. If your business is strictly mail order/ telephone orders accepting checks is even riskier, but you would hate to lose the business by not being able to accept them. Veritrans e-check/electronic check acceptance services can ease your concerns and show you how your business can safely and reliably accept checks as payment.

Veritrans electronic check acceptance and guarantee with electronic deposit makes the process of accepting check payments seamless and reliable. We also offer solutions for businesses that require processing in a mobile environment through our wireless, Wi-Fi and mobile card processing solutions.

Simplify Orders with E-Check Processing

Veritrans Merchant Services offers a wide variety of hardware and software for terminal usage, point of sale systems as well as virtual terminals that allows the merchant to turn any computer into a credit card processing system. Businesses can electronically deposit both personal and business checks, automatically draft and deposit funds, including payroll checks, into bank accounts and process phone order check payments safely, easily and most of all reliably.

Let Veritrans Merchant Services show you how to increase your sales and simplify accounting issues with our e-check processing solutions. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@veritransllc.com and let our account executives start you on the road to check acceptance and simplified billing. We will show you how to turn your business into a money making machine with processing solutions to fit your needs.

E-Commerce Stores

E-commerce stores require a special solution for processing payments. Because your business requires a virtual connection to your merchant account instead of a dial-up connection, you need a secure gateway that requires advanced programming.

Sound difficult? It’s not. Veritrans partners with leaders in the E-payment processing industry to bring you simple solutions for your E-commerce store. We offer everything from building your store to a virtual terminal that processes your payments through browser-based software.

Your E-Commerce Store Needs are Met with Veritrans

Whether you need the website and store built from the ground up or just a simple way to process your credit and debit card customer payments, Veritrans has a solution for you. We also provide industry-leading customer service, no contracts and no hidden fees. We have business partners who can provide all the solutions you need to grow your business and make the most money. We depend on the reputation of these leaders to guarantee our commitment to you, so you know you’re getting a trusted company when you work with any of our partners.

We believe in what we do, so we want to offer you a free, no-obligation review of your E-commerce store needs. Our account representatives will review your business needs and provide you a custom plan that meets the needs of your business today and tomorrow. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com and let our account executives assess your company’s needs and desires. We will find the ideal solution for your e-commerce store requirements.

E-commerce Solution

What’s the most important part of business? Making money while providing customer satisfaction! If you own or are starting an online business, you need an E-commerce solution for processing payments from your credit card, debit card and E-check customers. Without these payment options, your customers will take their business elsewhere. Why should they buy from you when they can get a similar product in just a few clicks?

E-commerce web sites require a connection to your merchant account via a secure, controlled structured payment gateway. This programming requires knowledge and skill from an experienced programmer. You need a programming and processing partner who understands this security and technology. Veritrans Merchant Services offers this gateway solution to you as part of their total merchant account service.

E-commerce Solutions for Your Business

Veritrans uses the eProcessingNetwork to process payments through your Internet browser. You can manage payments, track payments and manage your account through this E-commerce solution with the safety and security of Authorize.Net, a Veritrans partner.

Veritrans is committed to your customer security and payment processing needs. We offer industry-leading service and E-commerce solutions for your business without the hassle of a contract and hidden fees. Contact us today to discuss your E-commerce needs at no cost or obligation. We’ll make recommendations to get you started and help you make decisions as your business grows – without the hassle. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com and let our account executives assess your company’s needs and desires. We will find the ideal E-commerce solution for your online store.

E-Commerce Software Solutions

To get started with an online business, you’ll need to investigate E-commerce software solutions. This process can be overwhelming to the average online business owner. It’s important to understand what you do and don’t need. Veritrans can offer you the expertise you need in making these decisions.

One thing is for sure: you’ll need a way to process payments via your E-commerce site. This requires a very secure, complex connection to your merchant account. This is not easily built by the average online user. You need a programming and security partner to ensure your business runs without a hitch. Veritrans Merchant Services is definitely that partner.

Premier E-Commerce Software Solutions

The great news about our premier software solutions for your business is that you don’t have any actual software to install. Our eProcessingNetwork payment gateway provides you with an Internet-browser-based software solution. You can process payments, track payments and manage your account right from your Internet browser. This provides the total convenience package necessary for you and your business.

Veritrans is dedicated to providing custom solutions to our customers’ payment processing needs from E-commerce to retail establishments. We have the highest customer-retention rate in the industry for a reason – we don’t hide fees, force you to sign contracts or give you the run around on service. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation evaluation of your E-commerce software solution needs. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com and let our account executives assess your company’s needs and desires. We will find the ideal solution for your credit processing requirements.

E-Commerce Software

Interested in starting an E-commerce website to expand your business? Or perhaps you are starting an online business? Do you want to make the most money possible by offering your customers the most flexibility in payment methods? You’ll need some tools to get started. The good news is that you don’t have to install cumbersome, hard to understand E-commerce software. You can run your business with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Veritrans can help you turn your online business into a reality by providing you a merchant account for processing payments from customers using credit and debit cards as well as E-checks. Our eProcessingNetwork (EPN) payment gateway is one of the simplest ways for you to start selling online. Our account executives will walk you through all the details and help you make the best decision on E-commerce software for your business.

E-Commerce Software Tools to Get You Selling Online

The EPN provides you an easy way to connect to your merchant account and manage transactions from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Our tool provides you easy-to-create product pages that reflect your website, product and brand. This secure payment gateway ensures your customers’ information stays private, confidential and you get great service any time you need it. We are here 24/7 to help you with any issues you may encounter.

Learn how Veritrans can give you the tools you need to start selling online. We’ll review your business needs at no cost or obligation to you. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com and let our account executives assess your company’s needs and desires. We will find the ideal solution for your credit processing requirements.

E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce is the selling of products and services through an online business. You can’t run an online business without a website. And of course not just any website will work. You’ll need a shopping cart feature, photos, product descriptions and navigation tools. If you want to sell online you’ll need a way to process payments. This requires a gateway to a merchant account for processing credit and debit cards and even e-checks( electronic) checks.

These terms may sound a bit foreign, but there is a company that understands both the technical and payment sides of E-commerce sites. Veritrans works with web development leader, TradeMark Media, to provide you the best E-commerce site for your business.

E-Commerce Sites That Sell

Your online business will thrive through the partnership with these industry-leaders in E-commerce, because you will have the experts behind you. Veritrans provides your company with affordable payment processing options through your merchant account. We don’t hide fees inside of a lengthy contract. In fact, we don’t do contracts. We’re so confident in our service that we work on a month-to-month basis with all our customers. And our customer retention rate speaks for itself.

Veritrans’ affordable processing rates ensures that you will keep more money for yourself. Our E-commerce site development partner helps you create the best possible website to showcase your products. Contact Veritrans Merchant Services today to find out how we can help you develop an E-commerce site that sells. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com and let our account executives assess your company’s needs and desires. We will find the ideal solution for your credit processing requirements.