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Online Check Payment

Have you been concerned about accepting checks online? Many web-based vendors eschew checks as a form of payment, preferring to deal with customers who pay by credit. Not only does this cut into their profits, it’s not the best customer service policy, either. Be a versatile vendor and boost your profits by accepting online check payments through Veritrans.

Veritrans can handle all of your credit card processing needs. We’re an industry veteran, with a spotless service track record. Check out our report at the Better Business Bureau. And with our Merchant Services network, you can now add online check payment to the list of available services through Veritrans.

How Does an Online Check Payment Work?

We work with TeleCheck to help you handle each online check payment you receive. The check will be authorized and converted into an electronic transaction on the spot. By tapping into the advanced clearinghouse at TeleCheck, you can cut down on fraudulent checks and NSF checks. Plus, if an online check payment does need to go to collections, we’ll handle it for you, so that you don’t have to do a thing.

With full-service check authorization, acceptance, payout, and collections, there’s no reason not to accept an online check payment! And with our network, you won’t have to wait days for funds to clear or make a special trip to the bank; the funds will be automatically deposited in just a couple of days! Get started today by signing on with Veritrans no-contract merchant services. Simply email us at info@Veritransllc.com today or call 1-866-474-4144.

Internet Based Transaction Processing

A few years ago no one could imagine all the things that would be accomplished through this miracle we now call the “Internet”. Information travels in nano-seconds, “real-time” actions are actually performed in real-time and there is no wait time for a credit transaction to be processed. It is all done in the blink of an eye via terminals and a simple Internet connection.

For any company or business reliant on cash flow to stay afloat this revelation- the Internet- can be a godsend. No longer must you wait for checks to clear the bank or hope a customer’s credit card is valid. You can know instantly. And reconciling accounts at the end of the day is a breeze with software programs that track and control inventory, import data directly into your accounting software, heck, even tracking individual customer’s visits and purchase for more individualized service. Yes, all this is possible when you choose a merchant account provider that has your business in mind and can provide Internet based processing.

Internet Based Transaction Processing Simplifies Record Keeping

Veritrans can provide all these solutions and so much more. By helping you track sales, manage your inventory and keep a handle on cash flow your business can flourish. We offer several types of credit card processing terminals for your needs whether you need a POS terminal, wireless application or even a mobile, hand-held terminal solution.

Veritrans boasts industry-leading equipment along with the lowest rates, no hidden fees and a customizable package for any size business no matter if you are a single stall flea market merchant or a Fortune 500 company with multiple outlets. Let the Internet make your cash flow truly flow. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com to learn how Internet based transactions and Veritrans will increase your profits.

Internet Payment Services

On a daily basis we all have bills that are due- land line phone, cell phone, car payment, insurance for everything, Internet services, and credit cards-it can be never ending. It is very easy to miss a due date and then of course you get hit with a huge late fee and no one likes to pay additional costs in late charges. If, as a merchant, your services are one of the recurring payments everyone has, then making it easier for your customers to pay their bills in a timely fashion benefits everyone.

In considering providing a way for your customers to pay online you must take into consideration all the ways they will want to make their payment- credit card, debit card, even an online check. Is your company prepared to accept all these forms of payment? You are if you have chosen Veritrans Merchant Services as your merchant account provider!

Make Internet Payment Services the Easy Choice

Veritrans has a multitude of payment options through the Internet. You will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PIN-based cards, debit cards and even EBT (Food Stamps). Additionally, through our electronic check acceptance service checks will be verified, reconciled and processed at point of sale. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Let our trained professionals provide you a free consultation and decide what type of customized service package will best suit your needs. With no long term contract, the lowest industry rates and no hidden fees our Internet payment services solutions will be one less hassle for your accounts receivable department to handle. We are available at 1-866-474-4144 or info@Veritransllc.com to put your business on track for easing your customers’ payment woes.

Internet Payment Gateway

Some days it seems the entire universe is Internet connected, yet when you want to pay your bill to the XYZ company they tell you they cannot accommodate Internet bill payment and you will have to stick it in an envelope and snail mail it to them. And of course your payment will now be late due to how long snail mail takes! If only XYZ had set up a way to take payments online.

Don’t let your company be the infamous “XYZ” company and have no way to accept Internet payments from your customers. A merchant account specialist with Veritrans will show you how to quickly and easily set up an Internet payment gateway for your company. Our free, no-obligation quote, Quick Start program and month-to-month service allows you to control every aspect of your payment solution as suits your needs.

Internet Payment Gateway Opens Up your Business to Profits

You can be assured that Veritrans knows what is required to set up a dynamic Internet payment gateway system. From static processing to Wi-Fi to wireless to POS to virtual terminals we have all the latest technology your business needs to succeed in our current Internet geared society. Additionally with both mobile processing and recurring payment options we have covered all your customers anticipated payment choices.

So don’t let your business and cash flow suffer while waiting for the snail mail to arrive- let Veritrans show you how dynamic your accounts receivables can become with an Internet payment gateway at the ready. Give us a call at 1-866-474-4144 to open your monetary gateway today or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com.

Internet Credit Card Processing

Without a doubt in the 21st century our society is connected through the Internet. From Facebook, My Space, social and dating networks to Yahoo, MSN and Google, an enormous percentage of the population has access to the World Wide Web and uses it for hundreds of different applications. Shopping, of course, is just one these applications. And shopping requires the ability and need to transfer funds through the Internet- safely, securely and reliably.

If you are not a shopper, then you could very well be the merchant who is selling products and services via the Internet. This transaction requires the ability to accept payment, in the form of credit cards, online, but how to do this? Enter Veritrans Merchant Services! We can set-up your company’s credit card processing services plus show you other simple solutions to increase your bottom line with a variety of Internet payment options to include credit/debit cards and even checks online.

Internet Credit Card Processing Increases Sales

The Internet has facilitated merchants in a phenomenal respect and allows for sales to occur with little to no effort by taking your products directly to your customers’ computer, no matter where they are. Obviously closing the deal and making the deal should be equally as simple and with Internet credit card processing it can be. Our secure transaction solutions will handle any concerns, either merchant or customer may have, about a safe, reliable way to make cash transactions over the Internet and simplify the entire process from beginning to end.

Give a Veritrans account executive a call at 1-866-474-4144 and let us show you all the Internet credit card processing options we have to help your company thrive with Internet sales. Veritrans will help you increase your profits with the 21st century ability to use a computer for a multitude of quick and easy payment methods.