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Credit Card Processing Center

Owning a business requires paying tons of bills from supplies to payroll to utilities to website hosting. Dealing with those bills requires your time and attention. Your credit card processing center is one you probably deal with on a regular basis due to the fact the fees are variable based on your sales and number of transactions.

Take the stress out of dealing with unexplained fees by dealing with a credit card processing center that believes in open communication of rates. Veritrans offers you not only the best rates in the industry, but they also offer no contract service.

Expect Integrity from Your Credit Card Processing Center

Veritrans believes the best way to do business is to lay all the cards on the table. We don’t charge setup fees, application fees or early termination fees, because we don’t need to. Our business model is simple: provide premium customer service without contracts or hidden fees and the end result is satisfied customers. That’s why we have an industry-leading customer retention rate from a variety of business from small flea market vendors to Fortune 500 companies.

Let us show you how integrity from your credit card processing center can provide you savings and satisfaction in one of the most important parts of your business – getting paid. Call us today at 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your credit card processing situation.

Credit Card Processing Company

Does your bottom line need a check up? By periodically looking at what the true cost of running your business is, you can find areas for improvement. Here’s one you may not have looked at lately: your credit card processing cost, probably because you have a long-term contract.

Now is the time to look again at your credit card processing company, because there’s a solution to the high fees, hidden restrictions and endless contracts – Veritrans Merchant Services. Since 2004, Veritrans has revolutionized the credit card processing industry with their commitment to quality customer service, no contract operation and the lowest rates anywhere.

Increase Your Bottom Line by Lowering Credit Card Processing Fees

At Veritrans, we want to help you make money. That’s why we offer you the credit card processing industry’s best rates and no contracts. We don’t quote you a price for equipment and processing based on a chart. We review your operation and provide you an answer that fits your business’s particular needs. We give you exactly what you need right now – nothing more, nothing less.

We have nothing to hide, so we offer you this consultation for your business free of charge, with no obligation. Does it sound different from your current provider, it should , because we are. Let us prove it to you. Call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com to see how Veritrans can add to your bottom line.

Credit Card Processing Business

In the credit card processing business, a reputation for excessive fees, early contract termination fees and contracts full of hidden restrictions has made many a merchant worry about whether they are being taken to the cleaners. This is not the case anymore.

Veritrans introduces integrity, no contracts and the lowest processing rates in the credit card processing business. The proof is in the pudding with a client base of hundreds of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Our industry-leading retention rate proves that we are the real deal when it comes to transparency in both our fees and no contracts. Did we mention the great service you’ll receive? Whether you have questions about your account or equipment, we’re here for you when you need us.

Credit Card Processing Business with Full Disclosure and Quality Customer Service

We’re so confident in our ability to provide you with the best credit card processing rates and service that we’ll provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your business model. We work with our customers to exceed their credit card processing needs, not ours.

Your new partner in the credit card processing business is just a phone call or email away. Let Veritrans Merchant Services prove our promise of great service, up-front pricing, low fees and absolutely no contracts. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or e-mail info@veritransllc.com to discuss your needs today.

Credit Card Processing Account

What makes a good credit card processing account? Three things: great value, service and integrity. These are the key features to look for whether you are opening a credit card processing account for the first time or you are seeking a company that fits your unique business needs.

Ask the Right Questions about Your Account
You’ll need to ask some questions when shopping for a credit card processor. Here are a few things to ask before you sign up:

  1. Will I be given my own account representative? Beware of dealing with companies that make you deal with someone different each time you call.
  2. Will I lease or purchase my equipment? The fees associated with equipment can add up fast. Be sure your merchant provides you with a cost break down.
  3. What up-front fees will I have to pay? You have a right to know about setup fees, processing fees, application fees, and cancellation fees from the start. Be sure your merchant spells these out specifically for you – or eliminates them altogether.
  4. Do you tailor the account to my individual company needs? If your credit card processing agent doesn’t ask you questions about your individual business and doesn’t present you with varied solutions that meet your needs, be wary of signing any agreements.

Veritrans Credit Card Processing Account Solutions are just a Phone Call Away!

These are just some of the factors you should consider before signing up for a credit card processing account. Veritrans provides you with integrity, value and great service as an industry leader in the credit card processing industry. Let us prepare a free analysis of your individual business needs. Call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Processing

What’s keeping you from offering credit card processing as a form of payment in your business? Fees? Lack of equipment? Limited understanding of the technology? Limited monetary resources? These typical reasons for not accepting credit cards are no longer valid.

Customers demand the ability to pay with a credit or debit card. To avoid losing business, it’s important to embrace this truth. With advanced technology and low fees, you can begin making more money and save yourself time with a merchant services account from Veritrans Merchant Services.

Get Started Processing Credit Cards Today

Veritrans offers you simple, cost-effective credit card processing solutions by providing easy-to-operate equipment, low fees and great service. Check out our Quick Start Program, which guarantees same-day application processing. You can begin accepting credit cards in three days or less.

Do you need a customized solution for credit card processing? Maybe your business has many different divisions or you have some seasonal side projects. Whatever your needs for credit card processing, we are here to help. No contracts, no hidden fees, and the best customer service in the industry- that’s what you’ll find at Veritrans.

Let us create a customized plan for you today. We’ll address your needs now and for the future at no cost or obligation to you. Contact us today at 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Payment Services

What is one way you can increase your business overnight? This question can be answered easily if you are not providing credit card payment services to your customers. Shoppers, service seekers, and bill payers are all looking for simple solutions to make their lives easier. That’s why they are looking to credit and debit cards for their payment needs more and more often.

If you don’t accept these forms of payment, you can make the change to accepting them quickly and easily. If you haven’t started accepting credit and debit cards because you are afraid of the fees, look at the cost of dealing with returned checks. Look at the real cost of reconciling cash and checks. You’ll see that by adding credit and debit card services to your forms of payment, you’ll save time, money and add customers.

Credit Card Payment Services Add More Business with Little Effort

With Veritrans as your credit card payment service provider, you can increase your bottom line, improve customer satisfaction and save time. You can accept all the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Japan’s Credit Card, pin-based debit cards and EBT cards) with one merchant account. Not only will Veritrans provide you the equipment you need to process these forms of payment, you’ll get great service and your funds will be available when you need them.

Contact us today for a free analysis of your business credit card payment needs. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Payment Processing

Credit card payment processing is a necessary operation in business today. Consumers demand this service as a standard practice. If you don’t offer credit card payment processing, you’re missing out on a huge business opportunity.

Why are credit cards such a popular form of payment? They are instant, secure and easy. Every customer is looking for a way to stay safe and secure without the hassle of carrying cash or a check book or going to multiple locations to pay bills and purchase goods.

Provide Your Customers a Simple, Fast Credit Card Payment Processing Solution

In as little as three days, you can begin reeling in more customers by offering a safe, instant payment processing service. Veritrans Merchant Services offers you a customized credit card payment processing solution that fits your business whether you are a retail, seasonal, online or multifaceted company.

Did we mention we do not require you to sign a long term contract? We don’t believe in them. We also don’t believe in hiding fees from our customers. You’ll receive one page contract with all the fees associated with your account up front. Integrity to our customers is of utmost importance at Veritrans.

Contact us today to find out how our quality service and simple credit card payment processing solutions can help grow your business at a great price. For a complete, free analysis of your credit card payment processing needs please call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Payment Online

Your customers want simple solutions, especially the ability to provide credit card payment online for merchandise and service you offer. You have a responsibility to your online customers by providing a safe, simple and secure payment solution.

Just like with any business service, there are lots of solutions out there for your business to process credit card payments online. You need a solution that is tailored to your business. Veritrans has teamed up with the industry leaders in online credit card processing to bring you reliable, secure solutions for your business.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online with Confidence

Veritrans offers you an integrated online credit card payment solution without the hassle of software installation. The ePNCart Integrated Shopping Cart system features a product page generator that helps you create HTML web pages for your site with step-by-step instructions. This page generator works seamlessly with your website, business model and products.

Need a website? We partner with TradeMark Media to give you a secure, customized website that fits your business needs. All of it is integrated with your Veritrans Merchant account. You get the confidence of great service, great rates, and absolutely no contracts.

Contact Veritrans for a look at how you can get started with online credit card payments. Call us 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com to get free advice on your online payment options.

Credit Card Gateway

Do you sell products or services online? Do you need a dependable credit card processing solution for your online store or service? Security and confidentiality is your customer’s ultimate concern in paying for merchandise online.

It’s important to have a credit card gateway that offers safety and security to your customers. Even if you have a shopping cart from a third-party vendor, Veritrans can offer you a safe, secure credit card gateway with confidence and ease

Connect Your Website to the eProcessing Network Credit Card Gateway

This credit card gateway is a simple, secure connection between your shopping cart and the merchant bank processing networks. Veritrans, an industry-leader in payment processing, can ensure this connection, even through a third-party shopping cart.

We are committed to providing you the best products for your website whether it’s a credit card gateway or a shopping cart solution or an entire website for your retail operation. We partner with industry leaders for advanced technical solutions that enhance your business. Our e-processing solutions are guaranteed to fit the needs of your business without the hassle of contracts, hidden fees or products you don’t need.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all your credit card processing needs both on and off-line. Call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com for a free, custom analysis of your merchant needs.