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Credit Cards

Credit Card Processing Terminals

Credit card processing terminals is the name assigned to a number of credit card processing technologies available to business today. From virtual terminals to sophisticated point of sale(POS) tracking systems, Veritrans can provide you exactly the right terminals for your business.

We offer you the benefit of working with an industry leader in credit card processing terminals while providing the personalized attention of a small business. Our customer benefits are guaranteed to be the best in the business.

Get Personalized Management of Your Credit Card Processing

Veritrans believes in treating our customers with integrity. We want you to know what we know. Our experts in credit card processing terminals will educate you on what your business needs today to get started with card processing and be there to help you when your business expands tomorrow. We’re must be doing something right as we have the highest customer retention rate in the industry. Let us show you how we can help you make more money and help you keep more of your money by providing the industry’s lowest fees.

We offer a free consultation that includes a specific review of your business model at no obligation. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our solutions that we offer this service to you whether you sign up with us or not. Our confidence in our service is also apparent in our commitment to low rates and no contracts. Contact us today to find out how we can offer you personalized management of your credit card processing needs. Call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Processing Systems

No matter whether you have a retail location or restaurant or even an online business, credit and debit cards are the way most consumers like to pay for goods and services. How are you processing these transactions? Do you know about all the credit card processing systems available?

POS terminals and systems, virtual terminals, Wi-Fi terminals , and Medcom systems are just a few of the solutions available for businesses today. Unless you have a trusted knowledgeable partner, you may not know which credit card processing systems are right for your business. Veritrans Merchant Services provides you the partner you need in selecting the best credit card processing system for your business.

Premium Service for Business Credit Card Processing Systems

From the local eatery to the multi-location corporate giant, Veritrans has solutions for all types of businesses. Not only do we have solutions for every type of business, we will design a system that works for your particular individual business. We offer you advice on what you need currently and in the future. We help you make the decision without the hassle of haggling a contract or adding fee after fee to your account.

Contact us today at 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com for a free quote on how Veritrans can provide the most comprehensive credit card processing system for your business without the stress of contracts and hidden fees.

Credit Card Processing Services

The credit card processing industry has a history of negatives – excessive fees, hidden restrictions buried in extensive, hard-to-understand contracts and a lack of good customer service. These industry standards are being reformed by a new set of standards from Veritrans, a leader in credit card processing services.

How is Veritrans changing the status quo in the credit card processing industry? We are offering integrity, quality customer service and absolutely no long-term contracts. We have an industry-leading customer retention rate to prove it. Our commitment is to helping you make money through the best means possible for your business. Let us help you grow your business as a valued partner in credit card processing services.

Get a Free Look at How We Can Help You with Credit Card Services

Veritrans Merchant Services can analyze your individual business situation and give you advice on which of our credit card processing services will meet your needs- at no cost to you. We guarantee we won’t add on loads of services you don’t need. We’ll also keep you aware of solutions that help you as your business grows, again at no charge. That’s commitment to excellent customer service – all without the hassle of contracts or outrageous fees.

Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or email us at info@veritransllc.com for a customized plan that fits your business. See how our commitment to integrity and customer service will benefit your business.

Credit Card Processing Rates

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you consider credit card processing in your business? The fees associated with accepting this form of payment are probably first and foremost a concern when you look at this payment option. If you are already accepting credit cards, you probably consider credit card processing rates just another cost of doing business.

It is possible to get low processing rates without the hassle of restrictions and hidden fees. That’s where Veritrans brings integrity to the credit card processing market. We are an industry leader across the business world , because we are open and honest about our fees. Our customer satisfaction and industry-leading customer retention rate prove our commitment to no-hassle pricing and that our no-contract business model works for businesses across the board.

Great Credit Card Processing Rates No Matter the Type of Business

Veritrans wants you to know they understand businesses like yours, because we offer solutions for credit card processing that will fit your individual needs, not a pre-determined mold. We know every business is different and we want to understand how we can help your business save money. Contact us today to get a no-cost, no-obligation look at your credit card processing rates.

Even if you are currently with another processing company, we’ll help you determine the best plan for your money. Call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com to get started.

Credit Card Processing Online

At least 30 % of Americans shop online at least once a month- even more at the holidays. That is a huge percent of customers you could be reaching by offering credit card processing online. You have to consider their security a number-one priority, because that is the main deterrent in shopping online.

Veritrans Merchant Services can help you ensure the safety of your customers’ identities with state-of-the-art online processing solutions. With the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal, Veritrans offers you a secure, Internet browser-based interface to process and manage credit card transactions online. This advanced technology allows you to use an existing computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. Sound simple? It is and we want to prove it to you.

Manage Credit Card Processing Online with Ease

The Veritrans commitment to solutions for credit card processing extends to the virtual world. You have the advantage of a full-featured merchant interface for monitoring and controlling payments through your website. You’ll have access to live technical and account support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can even process recurring bills and process electronic checks via the Veritrans online solutions. Let us help you determine the best online processing solution for your business. Contact us today for a no obligation, absolutely free analysis of your business needs. You can reach us at 1-866-474-4144 or via email at info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Processing Machines

Dependability, value and quality customer support – these are the key factors you consider when searching for a credit card processing machine supplier. Your customers depend on you for security and convenience when using their credit card to pay you for goods and services. Why should you expect any less from your credit card processing machine provider?

Veritrans guarantees complete satisfaction in these values of dependability, value and support. We don’t charge you outrageous transaction fees to use our equipment. We also help you find equipment solutions that help you save money.

Get a Value-Based Analysis of Your Credit Card Processing Machine Needs

Before we make any recommendations on credit card processing equipment needs for your business, Veritrans looks at your business on an individual level to see what you may already have and what you will need. We don’t sell you equipment you’ll never use. We call that a commitment to service. We guarantee you won’t find a merchant with commitment to service like ours anywhere else.

Contact us today to discuss your credit card processing equipment needs. We’ll give you a professional, no-cost, no-obligation outline of how we can help your business. Our commitment is to providing quality customer service and happy customers. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com to get started today.

Credit Card Processing for Small Business

Small businesses don’t always have the volume of large retailers and large corporations. That’s why it’s important to enlist a company that specializes in credit card processing for a small business. Veritrans is a credit card processing company that understands the requirements of small businesses. With over 200+ account executives nationwide, we provide the partner you need for your small business credit card processing needs.

We understand your individual need for a partner in determining the best services for your business , because your budget depends on tracking every expense- no matter how small. Fees for credit card processing are probably at the top of your list of concerns.

Small Business Solutions for Credit Card Processing

Don’t worry about outrageous processing fees; Veritrans understands your concern about paying for credit card processing. That’s why we offer you open, honest communication of fees before you sign up for a merchant account with us. We also don’t lock you into a contract, because we are confident you will find our service dependable and we have nothing to hide.

We are in business to help you make money by giving you the convenience of offering credit card processing to your customers. Give us the opportunity to prove it to you – call us today for a no-cost, no obligation review of your individual small business credit card processing needs. Call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Machines for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Your products and services are an important part of your customers’ lives. It’s important to offer them the best payment solutions to fit their lives. The beauty of small business for consumers is if they don’t find the services and options they want with you, there is another small business right down the street that will offer the same or similar merchandise or service.

To stay competitive, you have to look at all aspects of your business in any market, but especially in the small business sector. Veritrans understands your needs, which is why they provide the industry’s best credit card machines for small businesses.

Get the Credit Card Machine that’s Right for Your Small Business

Your credit card processor and equipment supplier should understand the needs of a small business – value, dependability and quality support. That’s what you’ll find at Veritrans Merchant Services. We are an industry leader that still operates on the personal level of a small business with our 200+ sales executives across the country. We strive to have a one-on-one relationship with you just like you do with your customers.

Our promise is to provide you with the best credit card machine and processing options for your business. Our consultations are always free and will be customized to your small business’ needs. Contact us today to learn how we can provide the best service for your money. Call us at 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com.

Credit Card Processing for Business

Business is about making money by providing a service or supplies to a consumer seeking a solution to a problem or need. Payment options have expanded beyond cash to checks, credit and debit cards and even virtual payments made via electronic devices in an instant.

Accepting credit and debit cards has become a way of life for most business owners as nearly 75 % of Americans use them in their everyday lives due to both convenience and security. Credit card processing for business transactions is just as important as consumer spending options.

Credit cards offer businesses flexibility in acquiring the goods they need to keep their operation running efficiently. So, it is important that if you cater to other businesses that you offer this payment solution for them. Otherwise, they may find other vendors who do. Don’t miss the chance to provide better customer satisfaction and more profits for your business through credit card processing solutions.

Get a Credit Card Processing Solution for Your Business

Veritrans provides these solutions for business from the family-run box maker to the most sophisticated transit operation. We offer industry-leading technology with a small business feel. Our commitment to our customers through up-front pricing, no contracts and quality customer service has given us an industry-leading customer retention rate. We’re so confident in our customer satisfaction that we offer a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your specific business needs. Contact us at 1-866-474-4144 or email us at info@veritransllc.com to discuss your needs today.

Credit Card Processing Equipment

Credit card processing is only as good as the equipment you use. Your customers expect expedient service when paying for services or merchandise. If you don’t have good equipment to process transactions, you’ll have to deal with frustrated customers. Your equipment should be reliable as you are.

You rely on quality service and products to keep customers coming back – so do we. Veritrans is an industry leader not only in their commitment to quality customer service and absolute up-front pricing; we provide the best credit card processing equipment for your business. We don’t try to sell you equipment you don’t need. We don’t charge outrageous leasing fees.

Premium Equipment for Your Credit Card Processing Needs

When you look to Veritrans for your credit card processing needs solutions are what we seek to provide your business. We look at the individual company, whether you own a seasonal seaside snack shop or a Fortune 500 company. We work with you on any existing equipment you may already own such as POS systems, computers, or access to wireless Internet. By working with industry-leading technology partners, we are able to offer you a credit card processing equipment solution that fits.

Contact us today for a no-cost, no obligation evaluation of your credit card processing equipment needs. Call 1-866-474-4144 or email info@veritransllc.com to get started today.