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Credit Cards

Retail Credit Card Processing

As a retailer, you know that profit margins are slimmer than many shoppers realize. In order to make a profit, you need every penny possible of each transaction. If you’re working with the wrong retail credit card processing provider though, those pennies add up quickly and are being washed down the drain as you’re nickel-and-dimed with each transaction.

Cut Off the Outbound Flow of Your Profits and Return That Income to Your Balance Sheet.

With Veritrans, the rate you’re quoted is the rate you receive. We don’t offer tempting—but temporary–“introductory” rates. We also won’t try to bait and switch, quoting one rate, but tacking on a variety of fees. Our statements come to you in plain English, with as few fees as possible. In fact, Veritrans goes a full step further than anyone, and can guarantee to NEVER increase your rate for the life of the account. We’re not sure why others won’t make that guarantee, but we’ve never raised anyone’s rates in Interchange Plus pricing. We don’t need to, and neither do they!

Ditch the Excessive Fees with a No-Contract Retail Credit Card Processing Account

If retail credit card processing is a numbers game, we’re happy to be winning. After all, we have some of the highest customer retention rates in the entire industry, beating out other companies that do require annual contracts. We offer retail credit card processing service on a no-contract, month-to-month basis. If you’re ever unhappy with our service for any reason, you’re free to move on without any additional cost.

But with such consistently low rates month after month, why switch? We help you maximize your bottom line and provide responsive, speedy service for each credit customer. Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation, or get started right away with our Quick Start Program. If you’re ready to work with the best in retail credit card processing,

Call 1-866-474-4144 or send an email to info@Veritransllc.com.

Real Time Credit Card Processing

Real time credit card processing lets customers know right away that their purchase has been made. Instead of the slow, risky process of mail order processing, most real time credit card processing transactions come over the phone, in a store, or via the Web. Veritrans, a leader in merchant services, can help you handle all of these situations.

When a customer enters their credit card information into your online interface or via the phone, Veritrans takes that information (securely encrypted over the Web) and requests authorization from the credit card company. The company delivers an “approved” or “denied” notice (along with a reason for denial) directly to Veritrans. We then take that information and send it to you, and the transaction is completed.

Behind the Scenes of Real Time Credit Card Processing

While the process sounds like it takes a few minutes, it actually happens in a matter of seconds. Real time credit card processing gives your customers the impression of immediacy and professionalism. With Veritrans, you can count on that speed and security with every transaction.

Our real time credit card processing services are offered on a month-to-month basis, so you don’t have to sign a multi-year agreement to get the best service in the business. To get started, give Veritrans a call at 1-866-474-4144 or email a representative at info@Veritransllc.com. For the fastest setup, check our Quick Start Program, where you can be up and running with real time credit card processing in as few as 48 hours!

Processing Credit Cards

There’s more than one method of processing credit cards, and it can boost your business to understand all the options available to you. Retail credit card processing has become standard in the last 25 years. Over three-quarters of Americans have at least one credit card account, so it only makes sense to offer customers this convenient payment option. Most retailers invest in some type of point-of-sale(POS) system, but the level of system is entirely up to you.

Wireless processing is the next big advance in the industry. By wirelessly processing credit cards, you can take your business on the road. Go to where your customers are and keep the security and stability of standard credit card processing. If you’re concerned about taking checks with your mobile business, offering swipe capabilities is a great alternative.

Tap into the New Methods of Processing Credit Cards

Online processing is a great way to tap into the e-commerce market. Whether your website is a standalone venture or just one aspect of your business, processing credit cards via the Web is the new standard. With just a few clicks, consumers can use any major credit card to buy your product and service, letting you earn profits 24 hours a day.

Mail order/telephone order processing (MOTO), has been a big moneymaker for many businesses as well. Veritrans can help you establish the service level your customers are looking by processing credit cards in all the ways today’s consumers expect. To get started with a free, no-obligation consultation, all you need to do is call Veritrans at 1-866-474-4144 or send us an email at info@Veritransllc.com.

Process Credit Cards

How does a small business owner process credit cards? With the help of the best third party processor. You don’t have to handle credit cards on your own, so let our network take care of the details of consumer credit. Veritrans is the third party processor for your company.

When we process credit cards, we first authorize the transaction. This is to help limit your risk and determine whether funds are available for the consumer’s purchase. Next, the transaction is approved. Before the money is even received, you’ll get paid; that’s one of the biggest benefits of working with a credit card processing company. Finally, you can even outsource the headache of collections for overdue accounts. Our network will handle the process, leaving you with time for the business of business.

How Does Veritrans Process Credit Cards?

To process credit cards, you may need a magstrip swiper, depending on your setup. You can invest in a standalone swiping device, or you can invest in a point-of-sale(POS) all in one system. The choice comes down to your business’s unique needs, and our team can help you sort out the pros and cons of each option. If you only process a few transactions per day, then your needs will be very different from those of a high-volume retailer, and your system should reflect that.

Veritrans can process credit cards securely and reliably. In fact, our service is so outstanding that we have one of the lowest customer attrition rates in the industry. We always put you first, from low rates to extensive services. Discover whether Veritrans is the right partner for you by dialing 1-866-474-4144 or via email at info@Veritransllc.com today.

Phone Credit Card Processing

While web-based transactions are quickly becoming the norm in retail and service industries, many customers still expect phone credit card processing. If you run a mail or phone-based company, then MOTO phone credit card processing might be ideal for you.

MOTO credit card processing, or mail order/telephone order processing, lets your customers pay in the way that suits them. Many companies choose phone ordering as a way to keep customer service personalized. Of course, it’s also a great opportunity to upsell or cross-sell to interested customers. Take advantage of this marketplace by working with Veritrans to set up phone credit card processing.

Work with the Best in Phone Credit Card Processing

You’ll receive the same top-rated Veritrans service, and you’ll have the capabilities to accept all major credit cards. The Veritrans speed is a huge benefit when running a phone order business, and our security is another great reason to trust the Veritrans name. We can help you work with the processing equipment you already have, or find you an updated, more robust POS system, if needed.

If you’re running a seasonal business, there are even more reasons to look into phone credit card processing through Veritrans. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge you monthly minimums, so you won’t rack up any unnecessary fees during the off-season. Plus, with our month to month service, you can cancel at any time with no penalty. Other companies require you to lock into expensive contracts! We offer this convenience because we know that after you work with Veritrans for your phone credit card processing, you’ll never want to switch. Get started today by contacting our team at 1-866-474-4144 or emailing info@Veritransllc.com.

Online Credit Card Transactions

Online credit card transactions are more secure than ever, and with Veritrans, they are also affordable. The more online transactions you run, the more processing fees can add up, so it’s vital to work with a company that offers reasonable rates. That much is obvious. The real challenge comes in sorting out exactly what each company’s rates and fee schedules are. With so much fine print, how can you be sure you’re getting a good deal?

At Veritrans, our no-contract policy ensures that you’ll always receive great rates on online credit card transactions. Unlike the companies that seek to profit by locking you into long-term contracts and ever-increasing prices, we make it our mission to earn your business each and every month. That means low rates and consistent pricing coupled with quality customer service.

Get the Best Rates on Online Credit Card Transactions

We’ll also be very clear about any and all fees that might affect you, and we’ll provide them in easy to understand language. At Veritrans, we’ve even absorbed the rising prices and wholesale costs of online credit card transactions, to keep your costs low.

With Veritrans processing your online credit card transactions, you’ll be able to accept a variety of credit cards, including those from all major issuers. Studies have shown that the average person who pays with a credit card spends more money than with cash, so harness that spending power with the help of Veritrans. Call us today at 1-866-474-4144 or email info@Veritransllc.com to get started.

Online Credit Card Services

Accepting credit cards online is a fact of business. The choice you do have is the credit card processor you work with. Choose the right online credit card services and you’ll get a better rate, more responsive customer service, and a wider range of merchant services. Consider the company that everyone from Mom-and-Pop shops to Fortune 500 businesses have chosen as the best: Veritrans.

Veritrans online credit card services let you accept credit cards easily and seamlessly. If your operation is purely web-based, you’ll be able to accept credit cards, and if you choose, checks and gift cards as well via our merchant services network. You can also choose to accept payment via PC, an option that’s growing in popularity.

Get Security and Flexibility with Online Credit Card Services

Of course, you can use our online credit card services to accept payments the more traditional way: with a point-of-sale(POS) terminal. We’ll work with you to help you choose the POS that’s best for your budget and needs, or work with the equipment you already have. Wi-Fi options are also available if you need to be mobile.

You can have the best of both worlds: the ease and convenience of online credit card services as well as the security and reliability of an established credit card processor. Veritrans is here to work for you, right down to our no-contract, month-to-month service plans. To learn more, email our team or info@Veritransllc.com, or call directly at 1-866-474-4144.

Online Credit Card Processors

Online credit card processors can help you tap into the profitable world of e-commerce. But did you know that your credit card processor can do much more? If you’re working with Veritrans, you’ve got the best in service, reliability, and integrity.

If you’re looking for something that will set one vendor apart from all of the other online credit card processors, consider this. Veritrans is the company that pioneered no-contract services in the industry. While other companies win you over with misleading rates and then lock in you in for years with expensive, punitive penalties, we do the opposite.

Work with the Pioneer of Online Credit Card Processors

You pay on a month by month basis, and you’re free to cancel at any point without penalties. At Veritrans, we stand by our services, not our contracts. And even with no contracts or penalties, we’ve still got one of the highest customer retention rates among online credit card processors. From Fortune 500 companies to small, individually owned businesses, Veritrans delivers.

We’ll be able to handle a variety of online credit card transactions from a wealth of cards. Plus, we can help you accept checks online or via telephone to increase your mail order/telephone order sales(MOTO), or even institute a loyalty card program. With our vast merchant services network, it’s all possible through Veritrans. Call 1-866-474-4144 today for a free, no-obligation consultation, or email us at info@Veritransllc.com!

Online Credit Card Processing

Online credit card payments are fast-growing sector of total purchases. Not accepting online payments is equivalent to leaving half of your sales floor empty. If you’re ready to start accepting online payments, then let Veritrans get you started on the right foot.

Perhaps the hardest part of getting started with online credit card processing is sorting through the dozens of different offers being thrown at you. Some companies offer the lowest rates. Others will promise exceptional service. Many companies will even throw in a variety of merchant services to entice you. At Veritrans, we do all of these. Here’s the difference, though: we actually deliver.

Integrity in Online Credit Card Processing

Our online credit card processing business is built on keeping promises, and that’s why you won’t hear us offering services we can’t or won’t deliver. Other companies lure in clients by offering temptingly low rates or “free” equipment. Unfortunately, these companies will raise the rates multiple times per year, keeping you locked into your contract with steep cancellation fees. This isn’t our idea of service at Veritrans.

Our rates hold steady. In fact, we’ve made a point to absorb wholesale price increases, so that our clients don’t have to. So when you hear a rate quote from your account executive during your Veritrans consultation, you can count on that rate sticking around. That’s how why we’re able to get so many clients to stick around—nearly 100 % of them, something unheard of in the online credit card processing industry. If you’re looking for honesty, integrity, and someone to keep your best interests in mind, call Veritrans today at 1-866-474-4144 or email us at info@Veritransllc.com. At Veritrans, your business is our business.