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Accepting Credit Cards

Low Cost Credit Card Processing

Credit cards are a blessing for any business. People routinely use them for convenience or when they are a tiny bit cash poor. What most consumers do not realize is that you, the merchant, must pay a percentage fee to your merchant services company every time they choose to use this “convenience”. This small fee can quickly add up for a merchant, particularly if wholesale prices increase as well. The fee rate for credit cards is generally tied to wholesale prices, so if one goes up so does the other. However, this is not Veritrans Merchant Services policy.

At Veritrans we go that extra mile and absorb the wholesale price increase, which is exactly what we have done for the last two years, in order to keep our rates low for our merchants. By keeping our customers happiness as the most important aspect of our business our attrition rate is only single digits and our customers are extremely loyal.

Veritrans IS Low Cost Credit Card Processing

Not only are our processing rates low to our merchant customers, but all of our rates, fees and costs are equally low and reasonable. We have no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, no early cancellation fees and our equipment costs are completely reasonable. Easy to understand one page contracts and free consultations are the type of attention to detail that keeps Veritrans at the top of the game. We will never oversell products or services to your business that you do not need.

Our whole purpose is to provide merchants with a low cost processing service that will handle all of a business’ credit card processing needs without exorbitant or cost-prohibitive fees. Call an account executive at Veritrans at 1-866-474-4111 or contact us online at info@Veritransllc.com for our low cost processing solutions for your business.

Internet Credit Card Processing

Without a doubt in the 21st century our society is connected through the Internet. From Facebook, My Space, social and dating networks to Yahoo, MSN and Google, an enormous percentage of the population has access to the World Wide Web and uses it for hundreds of different applications. Shopping, of course, is just one these applications. And shopping requires the ability and need to transfer funds through the Internet- safely, securely and reliably.

If you are not a shopper, then you could very well be the merchant who is selling products and services via the Internet. This transaction requires the ability to accept payment, in the form of credit cards, online, but how to do this? Enter Veritrans Merchant Services! We can set-up your company’s credit card processing services plus show you other simple solutions to increase your bottom line with a variety of Internet payment options to include credit/debit cards and even checks online.

Internet Credit Card Processing Increases Sales

The Internet has facilitated merchants in a phenomenal respect and allows for sales to occur with little to no effort by taking your products directly to your customers’ computer, no matter where they are. Obviously closing the deal and making the deal should be equally as simple and with Internet credit card processing it can be. Our secure transaction solutions will handle any concerns, either merchant or customer may have, about a safe, reliable way to make cash transactions over the Internet and simplify the entire process from beginning to end.

Give a Veritrans account executive a call at 1-866-474-4144 and let us show you all the Internet credit card processing options we have to help your company thrive with Internet sales. Veritrans will help you increase your profits with the 21st century ability to use a computer for a multitude of quick and easy payment methods.