Credit Cards

May 24 2011

How to Keep Your Restaurant’s Payment Processing Fees in Check

Your restaurant can’t be as profitable as it should be if you’re being hit hard with payment processing fees for your credit card transactions. Unfortunately, many restaurateurs aren’t familiar with payment processing, so they don’t even realize that they’re paying more in fees than they need to be. Here are some simple tips to help […]

Apr 19 2011

Why Some States Are Trying To Claim Unused Gift Cards

If you read our post about the most amazing gift card statistics, you might recall that about $5 billion goes unspent on gift cards every single year. Well, now some states are trying to snap up those unused gift cards as unused property. Among the states seeking to do this are New Jersey, Colorado, South […]

Apr 15 2011

3 Tips for Creating Your Own Gift Card Design

If your business sells gift cards, you should really consider getting custom designed gift cards that are branded for your company. These are preferable to generic gift cards because they help keep your brand on the mind of your customers and they just look more professional. But if you’re thinking about creating your own gift […]

Feb 21 2011

3 Tips for Mobile Merchants

Do you run a mobile business, like a food truck or a booth at a local market? If so, you already know of the challenges of being a mobile merchant. When you’re always on the go, there’s a lot to keep track of and a lot of things that can go wrong. Here are 3 […]

Feb 15 2011

What is the BT90?

Recently, we talked a little about the iDynamo. If you remember, the iDynamo is a credit card reader that connects to the iPhone and other portable Apple devices, giving merchants a convenient way to process credit card payments. After we posted this, we’ve had some people saying “That’s nice, but what about a credit card […]

Dec 6 2010

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Payment Processing Company

Payment processing is an important part of any business. And while you might think all payment processing companies are the same, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is that the payment processing company you choose plays a huge role in determining just how profitable your company is. With the right payment processing system, you can make more sales and keep more money from each sale you make.